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What type of opportunities suit you best?
What type of opportunities suit you best?
Answer these questions as honestly as you can, so we can align you to the jobs that will bring out the best in you
Getting started is the only way for you. You will learn as you go along and as long as it doesn't compromise patient safety, if it didn't work, at least you tried.
You always know where things are and what to do when - because you have organised everything in advance.
You love to be well-organised. Everything has its place, both in your work and your personal life.
You have a deep awareness of your strengths and weaknesses.
Your behaviour never surprises you or catches you off guard.
You always act in accordance with what you believe is right, for patients or the system at large
Your decisions and your actions are always guided by your ethics and values.
Whatever challenges life throws at you, your sense of poise and composure is never shaken.
You feel totally and naturally at ease with yourself at all times and in all situations.
Whether in a meeting or in a social gathering, you naturally speak up and hold the floor.
You love capturing people’s interest and attention, and find this easy to do.
You have learned how to crack a joke or tell a story that lightens the mood and gives enjoyment to others.
You may find it hard, before starting tasks, to think carefully and establish time-frames.
You may find it hard to adjust, and avoid adapting plans to meet the changing demands of new situations.
You prefer not to be rushed, allowing you the time and space to come up with ideas and questions.